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RREM Contractors Discuss a Project

RREM Contractors Discuss a Project

Homeowners in New Jersey who are working with a RREM Contactor are doing so for one simple reason: their home was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and they want to get back on their feet without going bankrupt. That’s exactly why the RREM Program exists.

And it all comes back to Hurricane Sandy, a devastating storm that left remarkable damage in its wake. Just how much do you know about this historic storm? Take a look at these remarkable facts about Hurricane Sandy:

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  1. Hurricane Sandy was the 10th hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season.
  2. Sandy went from a tropical wave to a tropical depression to a tropical storm in just six hours. It took six days for it to build to hurricane strength.
  3. Hurricane Sandy was 820 miles in diameter, one of the largest storms ever recorded.
  4. Storm surges far exceeded formal. The highest were in King’s Point, NY, and measured in at about 12.5 feet above normal.
  5. The largest waves associated with Hurricane Sandy were about 500 miles off the southeast coast of Atlantic City, and reached to just under 40 feet.
  6. The storm set a record for the lowest barometric reading ever recorded for a storm that made landfall north of Cape Hatteras.
  7. About 286 people were killed overall as a result of Hurricane Sandy, about 177 of them Americans.
  8. Of those killed, 12 were killed in New Jersey.
  9. An estimated $25 billion of business activity was lost thanks to Hurricane Sandy, according to HIS Global Insight, and that was just in the first month following the storm making landfall.
  10. Homeowners in New Jersey experienced dramatic power losses that sometimes lasted more than two weeks. In fact, up to 17 states were impacted, including states as far west as Michigan.
  11. All told, more than 8,100,000 homes lost power as a result of Hurricane Sandy.
  12. In New York City, some 57,000 utilities workers from 30 states descended on Gotham to help Con Edison restore power.
  13. Property damage was estimated to be about $20 billion. As more people enlist the services of an RREM Contactor, that number has increased.
  14. Lost business as a result of the storm was estimated to be between $10 billion and $30 billion.
  15. Social media was a big deal during Hurricane Sandy. For instance, upwards of 10 Sandy related photos were uploaded to Instagram every second on the day of the storm.
  16. Between October 27 and November 1, there were roughly 20 million posts on Twitter about Hurricane Sandy.
A RREM Contractor Performing Work

A RREM Contractor Performing Work

Today, several years after the storm, homes are being rebuilt, homeowners have hired an RREM Contactor to help with securing funding, some have relocated, and much more. The process has been slow, rebuilding after Sandy takes time, but thanks to programs like the RREM Program people are finding the funding they need to get back on their feet.

For more information, contact the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs or reach out to your local RREM Contactor to learn how to apply for funds, whether you qualify, and how to begin the process.